Where to sell the modules for Prestashop

We always want our products to be sold and not in one store, but in several at once. Let’s look at the question of where and how to sell modules for Prestashop.

So, the main platform for the sale of modules for Prestashop can rightfully be considered addons.prestashop.com. This is the store of the developers themselves Prestashop, which they actively promote. Therefore, the main core of the community rotates here.

Further, I think that there is a popular Envato project. Here on one of its sites CodeCanyon you can sell your modules. But here there is a nuance.

addons.prestashop.com allows you to sell your modules not only from him, but also at other stores, but he asks you to specify where you sell or are going to sell your modules. Also on its site, it prohibits advertising of your modules on third-party sites. In principle, there are no more serious restrictions.

With CodeCanyon things are a little different. Here when creating an account, you will have to choose whether the products (modules) will be sold exclusively only from them or not. It seems to be a simple choice, but your percentage of sales depends on it. From 50% it drops to 30%. Therefore, you decide.

Also you can find a number of other sites for the sale of your modules, but this is not the volume. For example: codester.com.

When searching for similar services, see the number of Prestashop modules sold on it. If the quantity is not large, then the volumes will not be too much.

I would like to mark a separate item on my own store. Expand its developer Prestashop modules is not difficult, connect Paypal and you can work.
The main advantage here is that you do not pay anyone a percentage of sales. Set prices that are convenient for you.
Also, your customers who ask you about the solutions that you have, you can safely throw at your site.

So, you can sell on:

– Own store

Modules sale