Affiliate Program / Export – Import products by Cron – documentation

Affiliate Program / Export – Import products by Cron Module / Module URL

1. After module installation you can access its settings:

The module consists of two sections:

  • Export – the section is intended to create a product feed and send it to the partner via the URL.
  • Import – the section for receiving goods from the Main site and updating them by cron.

2. Export

You can generate several feeds for different Partners.

3. Export feed detail

Here you can set all needed filters for creating the products list for special Partner:

  • by Category
  • by Manufacturers
  • by Suppliers
  • Exclude products from the feed by ID
  • Minimum product price
  • Maximum product price
  • Quantity (inStock) from

4. Import

Here you can import several feeds form Main Store

5. Import feed detail

6. Import feed Update

7. Import Results

8. When you Delete the module 

If you use the module for import products and delete it, that all products which take from Main Store will be deleted. 


Module URL