Bulk and Quick products Editing – documentation

Settings for Bulk and Quick Module

1. After installing the module, you can access the quick editing of the goods, as well as mass editing of many properties of goods at the same time.

The working page of the module is located here:

After clicking on this section of the menu, the module’s working page will open:

2. The search section of goods.

The goods search section is on the right.

The search is divided into 2 categories:
Group filter, which includes the following fields:

  • Category
  • Manufacturer
  • Suppliers
  • Attributes
  • Features

Product property, which includes the following fields:

  • By Name
  • By reference
  • Tags
  • Product ID
  • Price range
  • Stock range
  • Between date range
  • Product parametres

3. Quick editing of one product.

In this block you can quickly edit the parameters of the one product

Editable item elements:

  • Picture
  • Product Name
  • Price / Prices for combinations
  • Quantity / Quantity for combinations
  • Options
  • Meta
  • Characteristics
  • Categories

4. Bulk editing of many products.

Mass editing of goods is divided into 4 zones:

  1. Choice of goods
  2. Formation of the list of goods
  3. View a list of products
  4. Editing properties for selected products