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1. After module installation you can access its settings:

After the user has added the product to the Follow List, he will be able to receive 5 types of messages for changing the state of the product:

1. When the price has become less than the current one.
2. When the quantity of the goods in the warehouse became less than the minimum.
3. If the goods were not in stock, when he added the goods to the Follow List, and then the product appeared for sale.
4. When the product has a special price.
5. When the goods have additional goods with which it can be bought.

These alerts come in the form of an email in the time set by the administrator. Now it is the first and seventh day after the change in the state of the goods.

These emails come after CronJob triggers, so do not forget to post the link in the CronJob section on your server or in the admin pane

Additional options:

1. Ability to change the title of the message for each message type (Prestashop 1.7.x version only).
2. Ability to use variables in the header and body of the message ({customer_first_name}, {customer_last_name}, {customer_email}, {shop_name}).
3. The ability to include in the letters additionally related goods to the current and the selection of their quantity in the letter.
4. The ability to choose the size of the picture of the goods for.

The administrator can specify his email in order to receive all the emails from his clients for verification.

2. Statistics of users and products.

Note: Here you can see which of the products is most added to the Follow List, make a discount on it and after the dispatch all users wither the discount and possibly buy your goods.

3. Statistics of sending emails.

4. Frontend.

4.1. Add / remove goods to / from Follow List

On the product page

Quick page

4.2. Follow List


Module URL