Google Shopping Feed – documentation

Settings for Google Shopping Feed Module / Module URL

1. After module installation you can access its settings:

In order to create your first feed you have to check Taxonomy configuration.

2. Check Taxonomy configuration

You should make sure that there is a Taxonomy List from Google for the exported language

If not

Then you must press EDIT

And upload Taxonomy List from Google for the right language using the link
You can easy save it via google Chrome

Where, instead of it-IT, put the language you need, for example:

Argentina :
Australia :
Austria :
Belgium :
French :
Dutch :
Brazil :
Canada :
English :
French :
Chile :
Colombia :
Czechia :
Denmark :
France :
Germany :
Ireland :
Italy :
Japan :
Malaysia :
Mexico :
Netherlands :
New Zealand :
Philippines :
Poland :
Portugal :
Russia :
Singapore :
South Africa :
Spain :
Sweden :
French :
German :
Italian :
Turkey :
United Kingdom :
United States :

All available languages

3. Step 1: You must select a language and associate your category with a category from Google

*- Bulk Update is available.

4. Step 2: General settings

Press the SAVE button

Note: When generating .XML file, the module uses the Main category from each product. Since Google Merchant Center allows you to add only one category to one product.

5. History of export configuration

Here is a list of all your feeds

  • To get a link for Google Merchant Center, click SHOW LINK
    Downloading it once in the Google Merchant Center, it will be updated there automatically

  • To download the .xml, click Rebuild and Download
  • To edit the settings, click Edit
  • To delete, click Delete.

6. XML

7. The Module update

To update the module without losing data in it, install the new version of the module over the current one and then click on:

There will be installation of the missing elements of the table in the Database.

8. How to use the feed in Google Merchant Center

a. Open the Products / Feed tab and press “+”

b. Step 1: Select Country and Language

c. Step 2: Scheduled fetch

d. Step 3: Insert the link from the Google Shopping Feed module


The upload to Google Merchant Center has been done.

Module URL