How to create a module for a Prestashop web application

The creation of a new module for the Prestashop web application can be immediately divided into 3 main categories:
– For myself
– For sale
– First for yourself, but then definitely for sale.

So, consider everything in order


For myself.

This means that you have your own store at Prestashop. Searching for modules on the Internet that would suit you and not finding anything suitable, you have nothing left to do to create a module for your own needs.
There are several options for solving this problem, depending on your knowledge in the field of development and programming.

1. If you are not a developer, then you can go on one of the options:

Option 1. (Economical)

  • Find the module that best suits you, which is closest to your needs. Be sure to see the demo version of the module on the developer’s sample site. Write out a list of necessary improvements.
  • Send selected list
    • the developer of the module with the question of the timing and cost of implementing your modifications.
    • make a request for a freelance site about modifying the module and get suggestions.
    • contact the IT company.
  • This list must be written in the language of the module developer. It’s not difficult to check the version preview.

Option 2. (Premium)

  • Development of the module from scratch. You need to make business requirements for the module.
  • Send Requirements
    • to a freelance site about developing a module and get suggestions.
    • contact the IT company and develop a module here.

2. If you develleper, then you can go on two options, which are listed above, only all the improvements have to do yourself. And the list still needs to be written.


For sale.

Here everything is much more interesting. The development of the module in this case will be similar to a small start-up with all the stages that are inherent in it.

Let’s go over them a bit.

1. The idea.

How to find an idea for a startup is written a bunch of articles that boil down to one and so clear concept: you need to come up with something that will be useful for users. Also I want to note that what you consider useful to users can only be your illusion. Therefore, there is a technology to understand whether the idea is successful or not. But let’s say that your idea is really useful and we go further.

2. From the idea to the formulation of the problem.

First, the idea needs to be described in general terms, so that someone else can read it and understand what you need.
Next, go to the wireframes -> mockup  -> prototype. Here you can choose what is one of the 3, the main thing is to do it qualitatively. Advantage in the development will be the knowledge of Prestashop, Your described task will take into account all the features of the Prestashop web application. Well, or at least most of them.

3. Development.

Development is not an easy process and it will go more smoothly if your task is described in a qualitative and detailed manner.
As a result of the development, you will receive a product that will have to be tested and documented.

4. Testing and modification

In the testing process, you will have to return the module for error correction and revision. Because ideas will come to your mind to improve the module.

5. Documentation

It is equally important to create a module. From how you describe it, present its advantages, features and its sales will depend.

Be sure to make a description of the module settings, otherwise you will be showered with questions and will demand a refund, the module does not work. About the refund will be prepared a separate article on reducing these risks.

6. Support.

This component is very important when selling the module. If you are not ready to support users who bought your module, then it’s better not to start creating it. Your ratings will immediately go down and your product will slide to the bottom.

7. Improvements

Working with clients, with their questions and requirements, you will even better know what needs to be improved in your module, so that it is more in demand


First for yourself, but then definitely for sale.

This type of development is the most profitable from the economic point of view. You have created something for yourself and it works great. So you can try to sell. With minimal costs for the description, you can start selling the finished product, but do not forget that it will have to be supported.

So, How do I create a module for a Prestashop web application? We must work hard and the result will be.