Grouper PRO – Extended Customers Groups (for v.1.6.1)

Grouper PRO module allows you to merge your customers in groups based on their attributes, like: age, gender, location, language, registration options, shopping and shipping experience and other key features.

Once you create target customers groups specific for your business, you
can: assign them a different pricing policies such as – Cart Rules and
Catalog Price Rules; assign a specific product price; manage a category
group access (show specific categories or products to a limited group of
customers) and all other things that you usually do with your customers!

Grouper PRO will arrange the schedule to build your groups without your
presence – just setup a cron task.

Export all grouped customers into a CSV file for further tasks.

  • Create target group
  • Build a group - Forget doing this manually
  • Setup a schedule (Bring your groups to life)
  • Assign price policies
  • Export customers for further tasks
  • Send them a greeting or marketing email
  • Enjoy!

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