Two Step Admin Authentication (for v.1.7.x)

This module is designed to increase the security of logging into the administration panel (Back Office).
If the logging is made from an IP that is not present in white list, set in the module settings, than you are asked to introduce on of administrator emails for confirmation.
If there is such email, than system will send to it a letter with the access link to the second step of authentication. Where you would introduce the password for this email.
This link will be available only until you access the administration panel.

  • Increase your Prestashop admin security
  • Usage of 2 step Authentication to Back Office via email confirmation.
  • Possibility to introduce any IP in white list.
  • Display of the present IP address of administrator for it’s easy introduction in white list.
  • Link is accessible only from the browser and computer, where the request was made.
  • Doubling of confirmation letter to inserted email.

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