YML export for Yandex market – documentation

Settings for YML export for Yandex market. / Module URL

1. Create a feed

When filling out the general form, clicking on the SAVE button creates a new feed

2. What can I do with the feed?

a. Regenerate and download
b. Edit (all the settings of this feed are uploaded in the form below)
c. Duplicate (if you need the same feed, but with some parameters changed)
d. Remove
e. Show link (see below)


When you click on the button SHOW LINk, the link for importing goods into the Yandex market appears.

3. Feed Settings

a. Name of shop

– Store name must match your store





b. Available for administrator

– If your users can import the goods for you, we have taken into account the possibility to show the feed to users in the user’s part. With the name of this link. But basically this module is designed for the site administrator.

c. Company name

– It is desirable that it coincides with the real name of your company


d. Languages and currency
– Choose the parameters you need for unloading





e. Type of co-payment, if any

f. Unloading in multiple currencies

g. Information about sales, a very important field!




https://yandex.ru/support/partnermarket/elements/sales_notes.htmlHere in detail it is described how to work with it







h. Delivery
https://yandex.ru/support/search-results/?service=partnermarket&query=Delivery+optionsHere in detail it is described how to work with it



i. Exchange Rates
– If you have several currencies, then letting yandex know at which rate the value of the commodity in another currency is relative to the Default,



j. Product settings for unloading

k. Delivery settings

– You can pick up / buy the most in a real store
– Possibility of delivery





l. Attributes and features

– Possibility to unload goods with attributes and features








m. If you want to specify the unit of measurement

To get such a construct in XML

Required for example for Furniture, but not for all parameters and stores


n. Features as tags

If you need to take the features as a separate tag in the product block, then this block allows you to do this


o. Codes and manufacturers management


p. Unloading only the required categories

If nothing is noted, then I unload products from all categories.


r. Availability in stock
unload all or only those that are available in stock
(NO means all goods)


s. For the Prestashop 1.6.x version, it is possible to disable products not required for unloading

This is done on the page of all products

https://webmaster.yandex.ru/tools/xml-validator/Before sending the file, you can check it here.

XML example

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