If refund is in doubt

This is probably the most urgent topic when selling modules.
At addons.prestashop.com, the buyer can write a request to the developer for a refund. The reasons can be different, here are the most frequent:

1. The module did not fit.
2. Works with errors.
3. You did not answer for a long time, the client was upset and bought an alternative from your competitors.
4. Not compatible with other modules (this also happens).
5. Other options.

In “other options”, attempts are also possible to get back the money hoping that the developer will not check the arguments and return the money.

Most often the developer in the correspondence in the system addons.prestashop.com puts permission to request a refund.
And after confirmation within 3 days the system returns the money back to the buyer


What should I do if I receive a refund request?

  • If the request is justified and you yourself know that this is your mistake,
    then suggest correcting the mistake in the shortest time, be sure to specify them and keep the promise. Unless, of course, the buyer is so determined and will meet you.

Also, you can return money only during the period of valid support. Standard support is 3 months (at the time of writing the article). Advanced – 1 year, with the possibility of renewal.

  • If the request is not justified or causes doubts, then try to ask additional, detailed questions in order to understand how much the request is justified.

    • The module was bought a month ago and only now came the request.
      The question is why they did not immediately address the problem, but wrote a month later.
    • The module is not compatible with another module.
      Question: give the file of that module and we will check.
    • The module has errors
      Question: give me a screenshot of errors. In this case, you can fix the matter.
  • You can write on the forum (https://www.prestashop.com/forums/) the question of the site from which you are asked to make a refund (this information is available, it is in the correspondence)

So, if a reasonable request for a refund has come, there is no point in pulling and it is better to solve this issue in favor of the buyer. I remind you that he has the opportunity to evaluate your module and this greatly affects the display of your module in the search results, as well as other buyers make a purchasing decision taking into account the feedback of other users.

If the request is not justified, then clarify and only after you are convinced of make a decision.


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